Tri-ang 2020

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Rovex length of Service Badges Courtesy Paul Rees
  RT.268 Bell Signal Set  
R.285 Golden Arrow name set
Difficult to find R.499 Water Troughs
Alan Titcombe's RT.267 Fog Signal
Keith Gregory's Tri-ang Badges
Keith Gregory's RT.288 Screwdriver Set
R.95 Imitation Mineral Dave Coddington's Rare Granite
R.611 Series 6 Track Fishplates
The hard to find original Railway Modeller transfer
Paul Chapman's Steps with Adverts selection
Dave White's French VB 449 Controller
Graham Leigh's Girder Bridge
Keith Gregory's Girder Bridge Sets R.432
Alan Titcombe's R.459 Large Station Set
Recently discovered Keith Gregory's complete pack of unused 6 x R.119 Yard length Fibre based track

Some of Peter Fechner's accessory packs

Paul Chapman's 6 x R.197 Power Clips
Alan Titcombe's Wrenn Electronic Horn Control No WHC400 Set
Keith Gregory's WRENN No WHC500 Set with the alternative Locomotive R.751
The WRENN Horn Control Kit was also sold seperately
Dave White's rare and fragile bagged R.186 Field Fencing Sets in brown and white
Some more of Dave W's accessories, RT.297 Cleaning brush and RT.521 Smoke oil capsules
P.41 Connectors
Andrew Fanner's R.310 Catenary, Type 1, Mast Clip for sidewalls
Stephen Ellison's R.187 Pedestrian Crossing Set Dave White's R.581 Signal Accessory Pack
Stephen Ellison's R.581 Signal Accessory Pack
Colin Thomas R.81 Large Station Set. Note platform pieces have no connecting lugs
Keith Gregory's Maintenance Boxes
Victor Crest and Keith Gregory's Spares Boxes

Victor Crest's R.135 Gravity Unloading Set

Ken Gregory's Converter sections to convert between "Universal" track and "Standard" track
Site Section
Keith Gregory's R.81 Large Station Set
 Rolande Allen's R.78 Girder Bridge, difficult to find Brown Version
Dave Angell's R.78 Girder Bridge
Dave Angell's find. unused sticky paper posters on greased backing for side of the Container Wagon R.561
Mail Bags showing an early and later different size version
  R.584 Platform Pack  
  Dave White's Price Labels  
Phil Andrews' R.272 Seat Units for R.158 DMU Dummy Power Car
Symon Williamson's selection of Series 3 Track Aus etc.
Rare yard length track R.199 with 'standard' Series 3 sleepers