Tri-ang 2020

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Dave Coddington's

Special Selection

Dave's full set of Model-Land figures are the ones Pat Hammond photographed for his Tri-ang Book, as were many others of Dave's Collection
Dave's RS.18 'Train & Track Pack' set, which perhaps should have been part of the Battle Space collection

The NZ.25 Refrigerator Van issued in NZ. Both boxes have a T/H sticker attached. The heat printing on the sides is slightly different & both chassis were made in the UK. Both bodies being made in NZ. Also unusual was the ID number "NZ" instead of an "R" number.

NZ issue of a X.156 Solenoid

Boxed R169 Railer's. All the railer's were made in the UK.


Australian Hornby issue of a power controller. What is interesting is the line drawing on the box is very similar to the front page of the Cuneo painting used on the
Tri-ang/Hornby 1971 Catalogue