Tri-ang 2020

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Dave Coddington's

The Tri-ang Hornby Collectors Club

The Tri-ang Hornby Collectors Club was formed late 1974, early 1975. The club's base was located at the Platform Two model railway shop, Wimbledon. Subscription was a 1, with Dave's membership number being no. 32. Several lists were produced & were very valuable at that time as no lists had existed. The final total of members reached 53, but by February 1977 the membership was reduced to only 32 members. A regular membership list was produced, members listed came from not only the UK but Canada, Tasmania & New Zealand. I often wonder if anyone on the list is still collecting. (Pat Hammond was no. 9) The club ceased with the final newsletter, No. 13, issued November 1977. A bit odd was the introductory letter & the first newsletter, the club title was  The Tri-ang Hornby Collectors Club. But from newsletter 2 onwards it was referred to as the Tri-ang Collectors Club. With all the lists issued under the title of the Tri-ang Collectors Club!  Did Hornby complain about the use of their name?