Tri-ang 2020

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Catalogue Section

Dave Coddington's unique comprehensive collection of
UK Catalogues

Blue Trade Catalogue, it states on the back " It is with some pride that we present this, the first catalogue of the TRI-ANG RAILWAYS System" so perhaps this is Number 1!!
The Catalogues came in two versions with and without the price printed on the cover. This was possibly because the same Catalogue was used Overseas where the price would not be appropriate
1st Edition
1956 Second Edition 6D
1957 Third Edition 6d
1958 Fourth Edition 6d
1959 Fifth Edition 9D
1960 Sixth Edition NINEPENCE
1961 Seventh Edition NINEPENCE
1962 Eighth Edition NINEPENCE
1963 Ninth Edition now 1/- one shilling
1964 Tenth Edition 1/- one shilling

No printed price found, Dave says 'I have shown a close up of the price stamp which clearly states Rovex Margate. Could this have been added at the factory?'

  1965 Eleventh Edition  
  1966 12th Edition  
1967 13th Edition now 1/6 one shilling and sixpence
  1968 14th Edition  
  1969 15th Edition  
Dave has managed to obtain a Red 'leather' covered Edition of this Catalogue!!
1970 16th Edition price 2/- two shillings
Dave has managed to obtain a Red 'leather' covered Edition of this Catalogue!!
1971 17th Edition, the last of the known Tri-ang/Tri-ang-HORNBY catalogue variations
Price now 12p (2/5 two shillings and five pence)