Tri-ang 2020

Dave Coddington Specials 

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Three Diesel Locos, a Class 37 and two Hymeks in undecorated and unusual coloured plastic. Dave comments, all three were made in the Margate factory, I was told they sent them in this condition to the box manufacturers

Lima packaged Davey Crocket with Acho coupling!
Lima re-packaged Tri-ang Transcontinental Pacific R.54
Tender fitted with Acho coupling
Britannia French issue with Acho couplings
R.150S B12 for the French market with Acho coupling on tender

Dave comments, here's one for discussion.

The above photos are of the Hornby 1973 issue of the ferry van, but in a Tri-ang box

The stamped R numbers, on both ends are the same font etc, correct for the Fyffes van

Dave Coddington's Brown R.23 Mail Coach
Although this coach demonstrates it has had a tough life, repainted etc. It definitely shows it was moulded in brown plastic unlike the normal maroon/red

R.59 2-6-2 Tank Loco as sold in NZ. The close-up photo of the side tank clearly shows that a transfer was never applied. (The other side is in similar condition) The ends of the box lid are blank.

New Zealand R.103 Series 3 Buffers Box of 6
R.291 Series 3 Left Hand Point. Made in Australia sold in New Zealand Box. Note Red operating Lever
The RS601a Goods Set. From the label it was number 3 of 100. Unusually the box inserts are made from cheap plain cardboard. (still to add the missing track & parts of the level crossing)

The booklet written by Walter Lines. It is a 76 page document containing photos of their factories around the world. Also included photos of the munitions made at the Merton Works - Rocket Jet Propelled Aircraft(1941), ammunition magazines for theHawker Hurricane & the Mark 111 Machine Gun of which over one million were made.