Tri-ang 2020

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Australian / New Zealand

  Photos by Aaron Hobson  
Niel Smith's R.159H Double Ended Diesel in Victorian Railway Livery
Tony Leslie's Australian 'ANZAC' Ambulance Car, standard green colouring
Jaikob Ford's unusual Red Door and no Green stripe version of the Australian Ambulance Car
Jaikob Ford's Australian shunters
Matthew Egan's Australian Princesses. The main point of interest is that the Tender Chassis on both of these is moulded in red/maroon plastic
Mark Riley excellent Aus Tank Wagon comparison
Back row Australian versions front row UK
Moulded country of origin on cross bar   Aus wagons in front kept the same size
Aus wagon had SHELL on both sides unlike the UK version
  Note size differences, Aus version in the middle  
Niel Smith's lovely selection of South African Stock 
Keith Gregory's ATT Rocket with crew for the American market

Philip Andrew's VR Brake Van, long Chassis  
Stephen Omant's Australian R.152 Diesel Shunter

Peter Fechner's Set. Another hard to find item in Australia the R352A TransAustralia Budd Rail cars. Interesting that the boxed one has blue seats and the unboxed one cream seats. These were done in the Tri-ang Hornby era whereas the Transcontinental version was earlier in the Tri-ang days

Mark Riley has sent me these photos to show the variants
ese orange boxcars are all a different version, the top 3 are UK versions and the bottom 4 are Aust/NZ items

This picture shows how the later boxcar used the same mould as used for the track cleaning wagons, the normally used mold for the boxcar is shown on the 2 on the right hand side of the photo


Top two are with sliding doors the bottom 3 are fixed to the body

Mark says of these: I suspect they were for the Canadian market, as the brown is pretty much the same colour used for their range of Boxcars and Reefers and the CN snow plough. They have been made in the mold of the track cleaning wagon, however none of these originally had that part in place, l had a couple of wrecks so have added the felt retaining piece into my wagons
Mark Riley's Brown R.116 Australian Gondola selection.

He discovered another item that virtually appears the same on first glance, but when you have a good look, there's subtle differences with this particular gondola wagon.

All four are clearly marked underneath 'Made in Australia' for most of us living here we know generally that chrome rivets were used to hold the coupler to the bogie and the bogies to the body. I have a pair that are identical in every way, except for one has the brass rivet the other chrome rivets. The other subtle differences are with the TR shield, one has it to the left of the 'EXPRESS DELIVERY', one doesn't have it at all, only the lettering, and the identical pair (bar the type of rivets used), have the TR shield to the right of the lettering.

 Two have cast bogies and two have plastic bogies with pinpoint wheel sets

Even the plastic bogies are different one has pin point axles with loose sleeved wheels and the other has pin point axles with fixed wheels