Tri-ang 2020

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Graham's very nice early Princess with early motor and triangle Lines Bros sticker.
Possibly the X.02 motor with bolt not running through the magnet.
Claire Pendrous's R351 EM2 Electra. Suffering from the dreaded foam breakdown during storage!! Fortunately not too much damage as shown by end photo but can be noticed if you look closely
Ian Pennick's R252 Steeple-cab Loco in nice condition
Paul Stevenson's R110 Bogie Bolster wagon
Paul Chapman's Steps with Adverts selection
Mathew Egan's R213 Bogie Well Wagon with Crane load
Mark Riley's R137 Cement Car in rare light blue plastic
Bill Medland's R257 Double-Ended Electric TR Shield
Mathew Egan's R257 Double-Ended Electric
Stephen Omant's pair of Double Enders
Some of Michael Skeffington's Minic Push n Go collection
Ian Pennick's RS.47 Set