Tri-ang 2020

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Bill Medland's Continental Sleeper R.625
Matt Stephen's 2nd Series TC Passenger Car selection
Peter Feschner's Australian R.448 Old Time coach
Mark Riley's ATT Central Pacific Old Time Coach
Old Time PULLMAN Coach
Aaron Hobson's 4 wheel Coach

Dave White's R.227 Utility Van with bright red doors!


Alain Charpentier's Canadian Pacific rake. Note yellow lining   Jim Exley's Mail Set, Series 3 track

Jim Exly's R.346 Giraff Car  
Aaron Hobson's much sought after Green Transcontinental Set
  R.257 Double-Ended Electric  
R.335 Coach   R.338 Diner
R.337 Baggage Car

  R.336 Observation Car

Jim Exlay's R.402 Operating Mail Coach Set
Mark Riley's Complete selection of Pullman Coaches
Ken Gregory's R.625 Continental Sleeper - Note Yellow and White lettering/logo
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Keith Gregory's R.620 Engineer's Coach, in Green which was from 1966 onward
R.227 Utility Van
Rare, for the TC Coaches, plastic colour similar to that used on the DMU etc. also white lettering