Tri-ang 2020

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Keith Gregory's R3.V Set it was introduced in 1959 and contained  Double-ended Diesel, Dummy, Two blue TC Passenger Cars. 12 curves, 6 straights.
Victor Crest's RS.14 Set it was introduced in 1960 with a Double-ended Diesel and 4 1st series TC passenger Cars, R131, R132, R133 and R134.  Series 3 track, 12 curves, 6 straights.
Keith Gregory's RFX Set it was introduced in 1956 and contained an EMU two-car unit R156 and R225. 12 curves, 2 straights and a R42 controller.
Keith Gregory's R.52 Jinty. Very early model with "British Railways" transfers from the 0-6-2 R51 Tank Loco

Wilson Adams very nice set of photos of some early locomotives
Trackmaster N2 body Tri-ang R.51 N2 Clockwork
Rovex Plunger Princess 1951 Tri-ang R.52 Jinty 1954
R.153 Saddle Tank R.255 Clockwork Saddle Tank
Tony Leslie's R.128 Helicopter Car in lovely undamaged condition
Not only an unusual grey wagon but a very unusual Deep Maroon helicopter body.