Tri-ang 2020

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Niel Smith's pair of New Zealand R.52 Jinties. Note different BR transfers and different lens in the headlamp.
Kieran Heilbronn's Australian Jinty
Tony Hughes's RS.50F Set with Battle Space items
Keith Gregory's R.118
4 different colour Well Wagons two numbers
Wilson Adams Tri-ang WRENN W2216
Robert Baldwin's
  Alain Charpentier selection of R.341 Giraffe Car Sets
Bottom French Set
Graham Leigh's Girder Bridge
Keith Gregory's Girder Bridge Sets R.432
Kieran Heilbronn's R.752 Turbo Car
Mark Riley's R.452 Boxed Dummy Suburban Electric
Alan Titcombe's R.459 Large Station Set
Graeme Wilson's R.346 Stephenson's "Rocket" Train Set plus 2 R.321 coaches
Nikhil Sutar's Clockwork Trackmaster and Tri-ang 0-6-2 Tank R.51 locomotives
George Nixon's Canadian 918 Set