Tri-ang 2020

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Dave Coddington's excellent display at Perth 2018 photos by Jim Clark
Wilson Adams Minic/Rail leaflet
Peter Fechner's Australian Princess Royal
Graham Leigh's excellent condition and complete RS.8 Set
  Rich Uncle Set  
Mathew Egan's Aus/NZ R.10 Wagon and Orange well Wagons R.118
Keith Gregory's French Davey Crocket R.641F Set
Another amazing Neverwaz by Niel Smith

The latest Margatebeen, it’s based on a Canadian National X-10 4-6-4T engine that I saw in a museum near Montreal on a Triang collectors trip. It uses a Tri-ang 2-6-2 chassis and Hiawatha body and tender parts. To use Tri-ang parts I had to make it a 2-6-4 but I think it looks the part