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Tri-ang Countryside Series

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These excellent photos kindly provided by Keith Gregory

  R.360 Windmill   
 R.361 Church    R.362 Oast House
 R.363 Forge    R.364 Gas Holder
 R.365 Barn  
 R.366 Haystacks    R.367 Thatched Cottage
 R.368 Inn    R.371 Factory
 R.369 Village Store  
 R.370 Farm Cottage    R.372 Oil Tank
 R.373 Coal Dump    R.374 Vicarage
   R.375 Terraced Houses
R.376 Accessory Pack
R.377 R.378
Fir Tree Large and Small 
  R.379 R.380
Conker Tree Large and Small 

The Tri-ang Countryside Series was a collection of buildings made to accompany 00-gauge model railways they appeared in the Tri-ang Railways catalogue, they were made of hollow moulded rubber.

They were manufactured by Young and Fogg, a rubber moulding company that had just been acquired by Lines Brothers.


A little Mystery solved

The Tri-ang Railways rubber Countryside buildings produced by Fogg and Young in the 1950s were popular accessories for any 00 Gauge railway at the time. Despite being a little crude they could be made to look quite realistic with some scenic accessories.

Over the last few years I have also come across two of the buildings, the barn and forge and haystacks, in a thin hard plastic. I assumed they were made in Hong Kong and were exact copies (either using the original moulds or a mould produced from original buildings) At a recent sale in SAS auctions, I spotted a box titled Farmyard set, upon opening it I was amazed to see the plastic buildings and haystacks, scaled down Britains Farmers, Merit type Poplar trees and animals, plastic copy of a Liliput cart and various pieces of fencing

The box stated the manufacturer was Faireylite and Made in Hong Kong on the side.A nice find and a mystery solved

Bob Leggett

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