Tri-ang 2020

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December 1952 advert and free Tri-ang Catalogue application form. This would have been for the general Tri-ang Toys catalogue as I don't believe a Railway one was available.
Some of Keith Gregory's Shop Display posters
Dave Poynter Aus Catalogue Sheet 1962
Wilson Adams Minic/Rail leaflet
1954 Single Page Leflets
Found by Bill Medland, Railway Modeller Adverts for ROVEX March and August 1952
Bud Morgan model shop in Cardiff. My model shop where all my Tri-ang was bought!! Model Railway News April 1953. The advert states power pickup via the metal wheels but a Plunger pickup Princess is pictured!!
September 1963 Eagle and Swift comic's competition
MRN Advert 1955 
  ZODIAC Toys January 1981 Model Railway Constructor advert 
August 1955 Model Railway News Advert 
Bill Maitland's discovered Model Railway News advert December 1954
Niel Smith's French MinicRail leaflet
  Rovex's politically correct recruitment!
Christmas 1964 Catalogue
  Tony Penn's photo  
Niel Smith's interesting Trade Addition/Deletion List
  Andy Allen's Instructions  
Keith Gregory's 1955 No 1 Catalogues
Note, major miss print in top Catalogue. The wording for the sets is reversed!!
Keith Gregory's Illuminated Shop Signs
Keith Gregory's framed poster