Tri-ang 2020

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Dave Coddington's New Zealand Sets
NZ3EP Set with incorrect lid
NZC4 Set with Tri-ang/HORNBY over sticker

The "Blue Train" set issued for South Africa. The side of the box shows the wrong number, RS.89. This was normally the Blue Class 08 shunter & two bogie flats. Is it possible they used the same box & added the "Blue Train" sticker. The instructions have the correct number RS.93.


Dave Poynter's Tri-ang-Hornby Flying Scotsman Set made for Amro circa 1972. Amro- short for American Rovex sold imported Tri-ang stock for sale in the US. This particular set numbered ET-4 was made to coincide with the Flying Scotsman's tour of the USA. It looks like the box was made in the US and not by Tri-ang.

Dave Angell's R.653 Tri-ang Continental 2-6-2 Loco. Second version body first version chassis

Keith Gregory and John Churchill's R.59 2-6-2 Tank engines

Alan Titcombe's 1970 R.563 Bolster Wagon with Vehicles