Tri-ang 2020

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Colin Thomas's Gamages RGX Set
Peter Fechner has sent me these photos of his RS.G Gamages Set. I assume the G suffix letter stands for the Gamages special set. I have not seen this before. It also contains a loco with Smoke. Thank you Peter
Stephen Smith's RM.C Road Rail Set
Ian Pennick's RS.47 Set
A couple of  Dave White's sets, RS.47 and
  RS.37 "The Frontiersman"  
RS.37 "The Frontiersman" Set
Nice photos of Alan Titcombe's lovely RS.50 'The Defender' Set
Keith Gregory's R3.V Set it was introduced in 1959 and contained  Double-ended Diesel, Dummy, Two blue TC Passenger Cars. 12 curves, 6 straights

Victor Crest's RS.14 Set it was introduced in 1960 with a Double-ended Diesel and 4 1st series TC passenger Cars, R131, R132, R133 and R134.  Series 3 track, 12 curves, 6 straights.

Keith Gregory's RFX Set it was introduced in 1956 and contained an EMU two-car unit R156 and R225. 12 curves, 2 straights and a R42 controller.
Tony Hughes's RS.50F Set with Battle Space items
Graeme Wilson's R.346 Stephenson's "Rocket" Train Set plus 2 R.321 coaches
  Robert Baldwin's
Keith Gregory's CAR-A-BELLE Set RS.62
Mark Riley's rare RS.74 Rocket Set
Dave Poynter's Canadian Sets R.3, RSX and R3.S
Niel Smith's rare South African Freight Set
Site Section
Graham Leigh's excellent condition and complete RS.8 Set
Rich Uncle Set
Keith Gregory's French Davey Crocket R.641F Set
Alan Titcombe's RS.615 Railway Children Set
Adam Kitto's 1968 R346C Rocket Set
Dave White's RPH Set 
Keith Hopkins and Alan Titcombe's RS.30 'Crash Train Set'
Keith Hopkin's RS.24 'Pick-up' Goods Train Set
Alan Titcombe's RS.36 "The Highwayman" Set
Alan Titcombe's RS.1 Princess Set with Princess Victoria Loco

Mathew Egan's Australian R.4.D Set. This version of the R4D dates from 1965/67

Cindy Marshall's R.25 Set 
Alan Titcombe's R.11 Set 
Dave White's photo
Kerry Kucharenko photos of Canadian Set 7304
Andrew Fanner's RS.2 Set
Matthew Egan's RS.26 Set
  Inter-City Express Sets  
Keith Gregory's Inter-City Sets R.644 and R.644A
Robert Baldwin's R4.B Australian Countryman Set
Keith Gregory's R7X Set RXF180255
Dave Coddington's French RS.50F Set with Wagon details in French! Acho straight track, curves missing
Dave Coddington's RS.65 The Conqueror Set
Dave Coddington's RS.50 The Defender Set
Tony Hughes's RS.50F Set with Battle Space items
  Robert Baldwin's
Graeme Wilson's R.346 Stephenson's "Rocket" Train Set plus 2 R.321 coaches
George Nixon's Canadian 918 Set
Mark Riley's rolling stock from the RB6 Wild West Train Set with additional coach
Dave Coddington's New Zealand Sets
NZ3EP Set with incorrect lid
NZC4 Set with Tri-ang/HORNBY over sticker

The "Blue Train" set issued for South Africa. The side of the box shows the wrong number, RS.89. This was normally the Blue Class 08 shunter & two bogie flats. Is it possible they used the same box & added the "Blue Train" sticker. The instructions have the correct number RS.93.


Dave Poynter's Tri-ang-Hornby Flying Scotsman Set made for Amro circa 1972. Amro- short for American Rovex sold imported Tri-ang stock for sale in the US. This particular set numbered ET-4 was made to coincide with the Flying Scotsman's tour of the USA. It looks like the box was made in the US and not by Tri-ang.

Jim Exley's Gamages R3XG Set Christmas 1954
RS.607 Local Passenger Set
Stephen Ellison's RS.36 Set   R3.L Set
Keith Gregory's RS.90 Pullman Set
Dave White's Set R.S602A In 1970 approximately 150 were produced to a different specification for a particular customer
Cindy Marshall's RS.51 Freightmaster Set. Note livery label
Clockwork Toy Train RB.5 Set
Dave Poynter's RS.70 Wild West Set
Stephen Solomons RP.A Set
Mark Riley's RS.24 Set
Mark Riley's Canadian set rolling stock
Aaron Hobson's nice Aus RS.88A Set
  Aus R.3LX Set  
  Mark Riley's R.3J Set  
  Les Williams's RS.24A Set  
Alan Titcombe's RS.35 Set
Peter Fechner's RS.24A Australian Set unusual to have a Blue Locomotive, normally a Black one