Tri-ang 2020

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Stephen Ellison's R.187 Pedestrian Crossing Set

Matthew Egan's R.553/R.554 Caledonian Single
Mathew Egan's R.136 Long Box Car
  Philip Andrew's VR Brake Van, long Chassis
Stephen Omant's Australian R.152 Diesel Shunter
Andrew Fanner's R.386 CKD Princess   Jacob Johnston's Crocket Brasswork
Jim Exley's Gamages R3XG Set Christmas 1954
Colin Thomas R.81 Large Station Set. Note platform pieces have no connecting lugs
Alain Charpentier's Canadian Pacific rake. Note yellow lining   Dave White's R.581 Signal Accessory Pack
  Jim Exley's Mail Set, Series 3 track  
RS.607 Local Passenger Set