Tri-ang 2020

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Aaron Hobson's much sought after Green Transcontinental Set
  R.257 Double-Ended Electric  
R.335 Coach   R.338 Diner
R.337 Baggage Car

  R.336 Observation Car

Andrew Fanner's Albert Hall
  Graham Caveuk's Clockwork Diesel Shunter
Jim Exlay's R.402 Operating Mail Coach Set
Niel Smith's French MinicRail leaflet
  Stephen Ellison's R.581 Signal Accessory Pack
Simon McGregor's Side Tipping Car Set
R3.L Set
  Stephen Ellison's Model Land Selection

Peter Fechner's Set. Another hard to find item in Australia the R352A TransAustralia Budd Rail cars. Interesting that the boxed one has blue seats and the unboxed one cream seats. These were done in the Tri-ang Hornby era whereas the Transcontinental version was earlier in the Tri-ang days