Tri-ang 2020

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Dave Coddington's

'HUB' Booklet by
Taylor and McKenna of London

The booklet was similar to the "Gamages" ones
1953 Issue
1954 Issue

The booklets do not explain the meaning of "HUB". The dictionary says hub being the centre of activity – as the booklet covers many manufactures this may be the  reason behind the word hub.

Each booklet covers the following :-

Marklin-trains, accessories, cars, track. Faller-various kits.  Wrenn - Track. Tri-ang.

X-acto knives & tools. Master Models. Kirdon Kits & point motors. Hornby Dublo. Trix. Peco.

Jamieson Kits. Romford. Hamblings Fittings. Nucro Products GEM. Britains. Rivarossi.

Exley Coaches. Ratio. C.C.W. Coach & Wagon kits. Paints by Celspray, Ratio & Reeves.

Bilteezi sheets. Anorma Building Kits. Modelcraft Plans & Kits. E.R.G Card Parts.

Crescent Signals. Hammant & Morgan

Total pages 160.