Tri-ang 2020

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Dave White's EM2 Collection

Here's my collection off CKD EM2 the first one I purchased was green Electra then E27000

27003 is scraped body and chassis, this has had the raised line moulding removed spray body black hand rails pick out in sliver, and lights picked out in with and red lining added, this is how it was when trailed from London to Southend, there's no detail been added it is the Triang model which shows how detailed it was in 1961

Martin Doubleday did all the work on this loco, what an excellent job he did

Next purchase was rail blue Aurora, rail blue with white line Electra and Aurora, green Pandora then green Aurora last purchase a few weeks ago rail blue white lined Pandora, it's taken twenty years to get these with out breaking the bank!

 I do have the RS36 set Highwayman


Alastair McCulloch messaged me!!  Your title image is actually my Ultrascale conversion 🤣That said, it is good to see someone else cutting the lining off and lining properly for BR Black.