Tri-ang 2020

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Australian NSWR Suburban Electric
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R.4.Y Set
Peter Fechner's R.3.Y.A set

Below Dave Poynter Sets with his information
R3YA SET Second set made. Same as R3Y (not shown) but with super 4 track instead of series 3.
R4Y Third set made, no track but now with centre coach and more prototypical bogies. The first release had the same larger bogies on all coaches but they should have only been on the representations of the motor bogies and smaller ones should have been for the trailer bogies.

R4YA Fourth and final release with vac-formed trays and track. It is believed the vac-forming equipment couldn't handle the full length so they had to be made as two separate ones

Showing the different bogie styles fitted and the different lettering

Interestingly the bottom one has reverted to the old style having a power bogie each end instead of the smaller one like the middle coach. So far as I knew the lighter coloured coaches had the one large and one small style. Is it possible that as the bottom one is from the last issue of the set that the factory had run out of small bogies so fitted what they had left?

The bottom car is more prototypically correct with a power bogie at both ends as these were modelled on the 1955 suburban Sydney emu. They were nicknamed Sputnik cars after the Russian spacecraft as they were the first production cars fitted with power operated doors and passengers were said to be sealed in a red capsule
Mark Riley's R.452 Boxed Dummy Suburban Electric