Tri-ang Railways

Catalogue Printing Plates Circa 1956


Milk Tank Wagon Cable Drum Wagon Tarp. Load Wagon Coal Load Wagon
Bolster Wagon Brake Van Open Wagon Fish Van 
Drop Door Wagon Tank Wagon  Goods Van Drop Side Wagon
Signal Box Porter's Room  Waiting Room  Gatekeeper's Hut
Footbridge    4-6-2 Princess  0-6-0 Jinty
Island Platform Canopy   RHX Train Set  RJX Train Set R.B Train Set

These Printing Plates surfaced for sale on E-Bay the On-line Auction Site. Andy who had them for sale had had them passed on to him by his father who he thinks picked them up from a Market or Car Boot Sale. They are very similar, but not identical, to the illustrations in the Tri-ang Second Edition Catalogue for 1956. They were found with plates for other Tri-ang ranges, Hornby Dublo items and Black & Decker products. This would indicate that they were for a general toy catalogue similar to  that produced by Gamages. Thanks Andy.