‘The Survival of Tri-ang Hornby’  

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"A Review"

Mike Fowler's second Video in a series of three on the subject Tri-ang Hornby Railways is now available. It covers the period 1965-1971 when the range was available under the name "Tri-ang/HORNBY"

The video is excellent and a must for any Tri-ang or Hornby enthusiast. It will also be of interest to those misguided collectors who have an interest in other Manufacturers products or those who just have an interest in Model Railways.

The video is very well photographed and edited together. It enables the viewer to see in detail some of the best Tri-ang/HORNBY layouts around with  comprehensive coverage of the models produced over this period. The story is well written and includes interviews with many of the people who were involved in the production of the product including Richard Lines, and with those who have done so much to catalogue and provide much of the information available today including Pat Hammond.

Also of great interest to most collectors, the video also includes material on the related range of products from this period, Minic Motorways, Big Big Trains, Arkitex etc.

I can recommend this video and it certainly is one that you will watch many times.

Dave McCarthy. Webmaster www.tri-ang.co.uk



Press release

"The Survival of Tri-ang Hornby video takes up the Tri-ang story just before the amalgamation of Tri-ang Railways with Hornby Dublo. An insight into the circumstances is given by Richard Lines and Mike Foster adds to it using his detailed knowledge of the Hornby Dublo story.

There are fascinating interviews with a former Tri-ang Hornby sales rep, a Minic Motorway designer and model maker, a Rovex project designer and a well established Tri-ang Hornby retailer from the sixties. The associated ranges of Model-Land, Arkitex, Minic Motorways, 0 gauge Big Big Train and Tri-ang Wrenn are also explored. These, coupled with stunning layout filming showing just about every model and accessory, means that this video, coupled with the first, becomes a 'must' for all interested in the history of the hobby."

To order one ring Axiom Video Productions on 01767 691401 or e-mail on axiomvideo@btconnect.com   The price is £20 plus £2.50 post and packing.



The Charm of Tri-ang Railways

Produced by


"A Review"

Christmas 2001, just like Christmas 1960, a new Tri-ang Railways product to unwrap on Christmas Day. Not quite the same sound and smell, but visually just as exciting!!

This video brings back all the excitement that so many people had of receiving one of the Tri-ang big red boxes for Christmas, Birthdays etc. This very well produced Video is a must for any Tri-ang Railways enthusiast. It brings back many high quality images of the wide range of items produced, showing images from some of the high class reproduction layouts that can be seen on the collectors circuit of Shows and Swapmeets. It also contains interviews from people associated with the range over the years, including the "founder" of the range, Richard Lines, and the main source of information, Pat Hammond, author of the famous Tri-ang reference books.

Mike Fowler is to be congratulated in producing such an important reference Video Diary of the range and the people involved with it.