Tri-ang 2011
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Display Layouts

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Bob Doorewaard Boekhout layout, Triang Society show, Oxford 2007
Ruud ter Neulen's Tri-ang layout at the Tri-ang Show Oxford 2007
Malcolm Pugh and Bob Doorewaard Boekhout Tri-ang Show Oxford 2006
Their first Series 3 track loose-lay?
Tri-ang Show 2006. From memory this was Dave White's first go at displaying the Tri-ang automatic train control with Minic Motorway. He had hair before he tried to get this to work! This is now one of Dave's standard features on his displays.
Dave White TCS Leicester 2006 Dave White Cheltenham 2008
Malcolm Pugh and Bob Doorewaard Boekhout, Alresford 2008
Les Martin and Neil Bowsher with Tri-ang Super 4, Alresford 2008
Malcolm Pugh and Bob Doorewaard Boekhout, Alresford 2009
  By the end of the day there were 12 Engine Sheds!

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