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This Site was mainly created when we all used Dial-up modems and all the files were kept small for reasonable download speeds. By today's standards the images are rather small and 'poor' quality, but the Site is too large to start trying to improve this. So I have created this 'Archive' section to bring you some of the Images I have gathered over the years and they are now shown in much higher quality/size than before. I am also adding items not seen before.

Stop Press for 2012

A fellow member of the Train Collectors Society, Rolande Allen, has spent considerable time and effort researching these Sets and the subject of North American Tri-ang.

The results of his labours and on-going research can now be found on his Web Site at:

I highly recommend that you visit this wonderful addition to the Tri-ang collecting hobby/obsession, and I congratulate him on his efforts.

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Tri-ang Society Show, May 2011, Cheltenham

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