Tri-ang 2011
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Simon Goodyear's extremely rare find. A Tri-ang or made for Tri-ang mid 1950s Vac Formed? layout as seen at the TCS Autumn Event, Leicester 2009
It is probably not the original track
Indentations for buildings and accessories Indentations in base moulding for Electric Points**
Was it designed to join up with another baseboard or has it been modified?   The Footbridge does not seem to be on the original as it does not fit properly
It caused quite a stir at the TCS Leicester Autumn Event in 2009 amongst a very knowledgeable membership
The origin is revealed by detective Graeme Brown!
** The indentations in the base moulding seem to be designed for the 'NEW' Series 3 track Electric Points that were being introduced in late 1957 and fully in 1958. So 1957 would seem to be the date of manufacture of the layout.