Peter Zimmermann Collection

Canadian National:  Pre-Production Models
R.55-CN GM F7 Diesel Locomotive & R.115-CN Caboose
Peter has obtained these two models. They are Tri-ang Pre-Production versions of the Canadian National range that were produced for the Canadian market by Tri-ang in the UK as there were no manufacturing facilities in Canada.

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R.115-CN Caboose
Body plastic is definitely black. No other black version of the Caboose is known**
Hand painted lettering and numbers Image from the 1965 Catalogue
Pre-production Model   (molded from black plastic and painted red)
1965 Canadian Catalogue picture (drawn from the prototype above?)
Production Model   (molded from orangy-red plastic, 1965-1967)
These photos clearly show that the bogie is fixed on with the original 'factory fitted' rivet, after the body had been sprayed red.


Photos and information courtesy Peter Zimmermann from Vintage Toy Oasis


**Well, it shown how these pages reach the whole world of Tri-ang experts. Dave Coddington (who must have one of the best Tri-ang collections there is) has E-mailed me, after seeing this page, with the following information.
'At least one other black version exists,  a chap came to the TCS exhibition at Sandy a few years ago with one. I thoroughly examined it and it was definitely black'.
This in no way undermines the Pre-production version or its validity, but goes to show
that 'rare' colour versions will crop up.

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