Tri-ang 2011

1960 Canadian Layout

I received the following via E-mail in 2011.

I thought you might be interested in this attached picture. Taken in 1960 the children shown are now 56 and 53 years old, Dad, John Godfrey, is in his late 70s. The picture was taken in the family basement in West Vancouver, British Columbia, note the jacket and tie also cigarette. Don't you think the layout could have been on a set box lid?

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The best I can do to enhance the image, at least you can see what is in the washed out portion.
What a brilliant 1960's photograph. This photograph typifies to me a North American basement set-up. To us British residents who are not used to a basement, which most of our houses don't have, yet alone a 'useable' one, this is part of the American 'imaginary dream'!

Photo courtesy Tony G